Foodie Friday

It’s a bit of a cheat (in that it relies on cake and pudding mixes), but you really can’t beat the taste or look of this fabulous glaze-soaked rum cake featured on Design Sponge. I’ve made one before, and at Jeremy’s request, I’ll be making it again this weekend in a stadium pan* for Super[…]

Today’s Planned Procrastination

I’ve moved up from Friday morning’s word count (22,200) for HEXBOUND to 26,635, which is much nearer my final bedtime word goal (30,000), hopefully to be completed in time to indulge in my favorite (of many near-favorite) Adult Swim pleasures: Venture Bros. Today’s planned procrastination: blueberry bread (from a mix; already done); bite-sized sour cream[…]

Pre-Release Baking

In celebration of tomorrow’s release — FIRESPELL-themed cookies! (The symbols will make sense post-read.) I am a bit of a sloppy icer; I just don’t have the patience to make the designs perfect. But they were fun to put together! (And FYI, they’re basic sugar cookies with powdered sugar/water icing.)

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