The deadline–she approaches

I’m in the final run of writing HOUSE RULES, so posting may be a bit light over the next couple of weeks.

To satisfy your Chicagoland Vampires appetites in the meantime, please check out the EXTRAS tab (menu bar above) and check out a selection from the Canon, video interviews with me, my imaginary cast of characters and song lists.

See you soon!!


3 thoughts on “The deadline–she approaches

  • I was just checking out your cast for CV and, although I absolutely adore Zooey Deschanel, I was recently rewatching “Zombieland”, and Emma Stone as she appears in this reminded me a whole bunch of Merit! And as a “Criminal Minds” fan, MGG is so definitely Jeff. Good choices!

  • “Counting Bodies Like Sheep” would have been a fascinating twist! As if she needed any more reason to join the RG!

  • OOOhhhh can’t wait, i have started the countdown on my comp. Also saw your cast list i don’t agree with Emma Stone playing Merit. I think Sophia Bush would play Merit perfectly. And i can see David Beckham as Ethan…..

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